2 mars 2012

God turns 50

My first, and probably only, post in English (pardon the grammar...).

Why in English then?

This post is dedicated to one man and IF he, in some strange and mysterious ways, were to  find himself here reading - I would like him to understand what I'm writing. Silly, I know... But here goes:

This post is dedicated to one man that has walked beside me throughout the bigger part of my life. One man that has helped me through ups and downs, through good times and bad times. Who am I describing here? Jesus? No way. If you know me, that would be totally ridiculous to assume.

It's Jon. Mr Bongiovi. My first choice. (Coach laughs now.)

Jon and his compadres have guided me through life and have grown old together with me and half a billion other fans.

A little wild, a little green; young and brave. Oh, how I loved that hair back in the day when almost every inch of my room was covered with Bon Jovi-posters...

When Keep The Faith came out, my age coincided with a world tour and I went to Gothenburg to watch them. I cried and my friend and I yelled: "They're there - for real!" The concert started with I Believe - and I still do. I believe.

There's a few more lines staring back at me...

Hey God, happy birthday! You are still my Superman, you are my Novocaine, my little something for the pain, my last cigarette. I hope that you will continue to write those wonderful songs about life as you know and sees it. (Damned, if you don't!)

I don't consider myself old and neither should you. Hey, we're just older. Right?

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